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pregnancy care

"when you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change."

-marie mongan

Pregnancy is one of the most important journeys a woman will go on. At Restoration Health, we're incredibly passion and prepared to care for mama and baby from conception until birth. Read below to find out more about our SPECIALIZED TRAINING Webster technique, setting us apart as prenatal chiropractic specialists and why it's one of the safest and most important parts of your prenatal care.

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Getting adjusted throughout your pregnancy is not only safe, it's incredibly beneficial and important for both mama AND baby. Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy can help:

improve energy levels

relieve low back and pubic pain

decrease labor times

increase comfort

optimize the environment for baby to move,
grow & develop

decrease labor interventions

improve sleep

In order to best serve and care for our expecting moms, Dr. Tyler is certified in the Webster Technique through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.


webster technique

Did you know that during pregnancy, a mother's center of gravity shifts, and her posture compensates accordingly. The ligament laxity in preparation for birth also creates instability in the mamas joints, including her spine and pelvis.

The Webster Technique is a specific, gentle, and effective prenatal chiropractic technique. This realigns the pelvis, balances the surrounding muscles and releases any tension in the ligaments surrounding the uterus.

Why is this important? In doing so, baby's environment is optimized for growth, movement, and development! It also allows for better positioning and proper nervous system functioning for mom to allow for an easier and safer birth.

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